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Starlight Carriages aims to give you an experience of a lifetime. We have 8 Percheron horses who are gentle and accommodating. Our coachmen and attendants will work hand in hand with you to give life to the dream day experience that you have always been waiting for.

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Wedding Carriages, Cinderella Wedding Carriage - Starlight Carriage, Riverside, Ca

Starlight Carriages is a quality horse drawn carriage company that specializes in events and celebrations of all types, including Weddings, Quinceañeras, Holiday Events, Parties, Anniversaries, etc. We serve all of Southern California.

The carriages are handled by an experienced coachman and attendant who will both be dressed in formal attire design. All of the Starlight Carriage horses are experienced and lovely. We have a team of Percheron Drafts, of which the highlight is a radiant white pair that can go single or as a team. The horses, as well as the carriages and harness, are sparkling clean. The horses’ hooves are painted. We can weave flowers and/or ribbons into the mane with a feather plume for a look of royalty.

The hardest working element of our business has grown to a herd of 8 consisting of gentle, even-tempered Percherons. Many hours go into training the horses to assure their safety on the streets before they ever carry passengers.